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There is no assessment for tee ball players.

When: Saturday February 25, 2023

Where: Buckner Park Upper Fields 5&6 

Times:  11/12 @ 12:30 ;  9/10 @ 2:00 ;  5/6 @ 3:30 ;  7/8 @ 5:00                                                                                                                                                              


1. All players need to check in at the upper concession pavilion to receive a name tag.  They will then be directed by Board Members and/or Coaches where to go from there. 

2. All players will need to bring any gear or equipment that they would using during a practice or game (bat, glove, helmet, cleats, catching gear if applicable).  They also need to bring athletic shoes, in the event that we need to move indoors for bad weather. 

3. There will be no parents inside the fences. 

4. Any players not participating in assessments will be assigned to a team by means of random draw.  This is to discourage any coaches from advising any players not to attend, in order to not be seen by other coaches. 



DCYAA is an organization dedicated to providing a fun, safe and structured environment for our youth to play organized recreational baseball and softball.  Our eight elected board members are volunteering their time to insure we accomplish this.  In 2021,  purchased over $10,000 in new field equipment to maintain our fields, making sure they are always in top notch playing condition.  In 2022, we were able to purchase 25 new sets of catchers' equipment for our teams. We utilize TSSAA certified umpires to insure games are officiated fairly and rules properly enforced.  We have six fields to choose from, and happily accommodate surrounding leagues to give our players the best level of competition we can find.   Along with multiple concessions stands and playgrounds for small children, we offer the best organized youth baseball and softball available in Dickson County.